I've spoken at the Softletter events.  The speakers are world class.  The conference is a CLEAR leader in the latest research in developing and marketing cloud services.  I highly recommend it, whether cloud services are new to your company or you're a SaaS veteran.  I negotiated two amazing offers exclusively for Blue readers to incent you to join us in Austin May 13.

  • We have 10 Friends of Blue tickets.  These aren't just discounted, they're virtually free ... just $100 for a regular $800 ticket and two great days of conference sessions, including lunch. Register with discount code DALLASBLUESCHOLAR .  If your code isn't accepted, then we've run out of our limited tickets.  You'll have to use the regular Blue discount code below.  So order yours now! 
  • I also secured 2 tickets that ARE free for those who truly can't afford the $100 above.  If you're between jobs, moving into this new industry, are a starving entrepreneur, etc., one of these tickets could be yours.  Send email with subject "Cloud Apps U Scholarship Application" with full contact info, optional baked goods, and your plea on why we should pick you.  Please only apply if you are 100% available and committed to attending the full regular conference May 13-14 if selected.  


Softletter's SaaS University comes to new locations in 2014
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Austin, TX, SaaS and Cloud Applications University

SaaS and Cloud Applications University
Returns to Austin, TX, May 13th - May 15th, 2014

Cutting Edge Information and Data on SaaS
and Mobile Applications Comes to Texas!

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Special Bonus! Every attendee receives a complimentary copy of Rick Chapman's latest book, "SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business." Packed with over 400 pages of invaluable data on starting a successful Cloud applications business

"SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business"

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agenda changes and additions

Fast SaaS Fact: In the 2014 Softletter Software Sales Survey, 45% of responding SaaS companies reported that they have a separate sales team responsible for renewals.

SaaS University Overview

Special Keynote

Business After Windows:

Preparing for the New SaaS and Cloud

Application Markets to Come

SaaS, mobile and the Cloud have permanently broken Windows for the desktop. Many observers predict that Windows 9 will be the last of the great "Monolith" operating system released. Market acceptance of loading DVD's worth of code onto a system with no assurance that you won't wipe out years of work creating and maintaining a personalized working environment is no longer acceptable to increasing numbers of individuals and companies. Keeping track of upgrade versions, updates, "critical" patches, and interim updates are increasingly viewed as an unnecessary economic cost.

The computing environment of tomorrow will be very different. Its key elements will be:

  • Device independence. Applications must become truly portable and learn to automatically configure themselves for different displays, input systems, memory and storage requirements and even operating systems.
  • Support the creation of portable and transportable computing environments. Increasing numbers of businesses and companies no longer accept "reinstallations" that destroy years of tuning and extending a productive and productive personal workspace.
  • Transparency and non-intrusiveness. Increasingly, security, privacy, data management, device management will require minimal tweaking and management by people and subscribers..

  • Stacks and layers of services that support a persistent, device independent workspace that is owned by a business or person and is the most valuable computing asset they own.

In this cutting edge presentation, Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet, will analyzed the different post-Windows alternatives that are to meet the needs of businesses after Windows.. His keynote will cover:

  • The Chrome/table/smartphone model
  • Cloud-based systems and the new class of applications being developed to run on them
  • Microsoft's Azure and other Cloud-based offerings. Can Redmond kill its favored child and reinvent its core business?

This presentation is a vital look into the future of the applications industry.

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SaaS University in Austin, TX

New Sessions and Local Speakers

Each SaaS and Cloud Applications University Conference is different, showcasing new sessions, local speakers and companies, and new topics important to your success in Cloud applications. New sessions at SaaS University" SaaS/Mobile/Wearable/M2M in the Cloud include:

  • Increasing Your Customer Upsell by 50%.In this presentation we will focus on breakthrough ideas that you can implement today to upsell and cross sell your customers and significantly grow your revenue by 50%. Our presentation and discussion is divided into three areas. Robert Jurkowski, OnDemand Advisors.
  • .Effective Marketing and Prospecting: Best in Class Tactics To Reach Target Customers. What are the best tactics and programs to reach prospects and make them aware of your SaaS solution and benefits? There are a dizzying array of choices and tactics. Just keeping up with social media makes the modern marketer's head ache. In this practical, Channel Sources CEO Randy Hujar will provide examples and analyses of where today's Cloud applications marketing exec should spend their time (and money).
  • Local Austin speakers include presenters from Deloitte, Chanimal, Revenue Typhoon and others. Check back for new speakers and presos.

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